July 2012 Plenary Meeting Agenda and MaterialsParticipation in NA2050 is open to all U.S. States, Canadian Provinces, and Mexican States. Jurisdictions
define their own level and scope of participation in NA2050 by choosing to collaborate on work group topics
suited to their priorities and interests. Participating states and provinces may designate lead representatives
and may also appoint additional staff to the working groups.

A plenary group comprising representatives from participating state and provincial jurisdiction provides leadership and oversight of NA2050. The plenary group meets approximately twice a year to hear updates from and guide the working groups. The plenary group also facilitates communications for NA2050. At each plenary meeting, an ad hoc steering committee is formed to plan the next plenary group meeting and attend to matters identified for action between plenary meetings.

Points of contact for participating states and provinces:

  • Arizona – Henry Darwin, Department of Environmental Quality
  • British Columbia – Tim Lesiuk and Jessica Verhagen, Climate Action Secretariat
  • California – James Goldstene and Brian Turner, California Air Resources Board
  • Connecticut – Tracy Babbidge, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
  • Delaware – Carolyn Snyder, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
  • Illinois – Doug Scott, Illinois Commerce Commission
  • Maine – David Littell, Public Utilities Commission
  • Manitoba – Neil Cunningham, Province of Manitoba, Conservation and Water Stewardship
  • Maryland – Diane Franks, Department of the Environment
  • Massachusetts – Bill Lamkin, Department of Environmental Protection
  • Minnesota – David Thornton, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Montana – Paul Cartwright, Department of Environmental Quality
  • New Jersey – Steve Jenks, Department of Environmental Protection
  • New Mexico – Ryan Flynn, Environment Department
  • Ontario – Heather Pearson, Ministry of the Environment
  • Oregon – Bill Drumheller, Department of Energy
  • Québec – Robert Noël de Tilly, Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks
  • Rhode Island – Frank Stevenson, Department of Environmental Management
  • Vermont – Justin Johnson, Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Washington – Stu Clark, Department of Ecology